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These thermoses got me through more school lunches, trips, adventures, and last minute scheduling than I can count. I highly recommend anyone with food restrictions owns one. If you are buying for you child(ren), you can find what I’ve learned, from experience, to be beneficial for kids to own when it comes school if they have food restrictions by clicking here.

imgresCast iron pans. Own one (or four). Live by them. These could be purchased new or used. Personally, I prefer to buy mine used and to find them at antique stores or a garage sale of some sorts. They last forever, if cared for properly, and do not add the same toxins other materials do.


TeenGroupBannerIf you’re a teenager (middle school, high school, or college age student) with food restrictions, come and join our Facebook group! It is a safe and welcoming community for you to come and get and give advice/support from other teens who can relate. Parents- Encourage your teens to join! We would love to have them be part of our group!


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