Packing for Two Weeks in Greece (with Food and Mold Sensitivities)



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I love to travel. I know it may sound cliché, but this love runs deep within me. Travel is about connecting myself to something greater and comprehending global interconnectedness. It is about understanding why people behave and make decisions the way they do. It is about appreciating the beauty of this world.

I returned from Athens, Greece less than a week ago. The purpose of this trip was to work in refugee camps in the greater Athens area. This was the first significant trip I have taken since being identified as a carrier of the multisusceptible and mold susceptible HLA genes and having recognized the effects mold exposures have on my body. Once I arrived, it quickly began apparent that I was unconsciously very nervous about a potential exposure and its consequences.

However, knowing in advance that I would be losing a lot of the control I typically have over my diet and environment, I packed prepared.

Here are the items I packed and found to be helpful when traveling with food sensitivities and mold-related illness…

Essential Oils:

Build your own arsenal of “must have” essential oils based on your health issues. When in doubt though, I would recommend bring the following…

  • 1 Travel carrier case – Protect your oils from breaking
  • 1 Frankincense – Indigestion, cold, inflammation and pain
  • 1 Lemon – Disinfectant, immune support
  • 1 Tea Tree – Infections, acne, cuts
  • 1 Peppermint – Indigestion, motion sickness, head aches
  • 1 Eucalyptus – Respiratory, sore muscles and joint
  • 1 Lavender – Calming, insect replant
  • 1 Germ Fighter – Aid and support the immune system
  • 1 DiGiZen – Assist and soothe digestive system (optional)


  • ADP – I have found this oregano based supplement to be extremely effective in limiting and preventing a significant candida flare. I use it after eating too much sugar, carbs, or if exposed to mold.
  • Glutenza – In case of accidental consumption of gluten (yes, I did do this).
  • Formula SF722 – Thorne promotes this product as being beneficial for building a healthy gut flora. I use this supplement when I consume too much sugar (which in my case is eating a serving or two of fruit) to help prevent a candida flare.
  • Glutathione – “Glutathione is needed to help bind and remove toxins from every tissue in your body”. I take this everyday, but increase the dosage when I know or suspect I have been exposed to mold. Glutathione is also know to have multiple other health benefits.
  • Activated Charcoal – I take this before I fly as well as during and after a flight because of the poor air quality on the plane. I also use this to help absorb toxins from mold exposures.




  • 1 pair of quick dry and moisture-wicking pants – Greece is HOT in the summer.
  • 1 rain jacket – Because you just never know what the weather will do.
  • 1 pair of durable sandals meant for active use


  • Pestemal Towel – This may be my favorite purchase for the trip. I wanted a towel that would not take up much space and would try fast to avoid becoming moldy. It met all of my expectations and more!
  • Survival Water Filter Bottle – High quality water filter that will give you clean water any where in the world.
  • Travel Air Filter – Wonderful option to be able to filter the air no matter where you go. Packs great and is easy to travel with. Gave me the reassurance that I was in a decent environment for the duration of my trip.
  • Travel Pillow – This pillow is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. I have never been able to sleep on a plane and this pillow made it possible. It also had no overpowering or chemical smell.
  • Osprey Meridian Suitcase – This suitcase holds 75 liters and was a wonderful investment. The convertible feature of being able to become a backpack is wonderful. I am a big fan of this suitcase! It was just enough space for everything I had to bring and the actually backpack is also very comfortable.
  • Kavu Purse – The multiple zippers are good for preventing pick pocketing. The material is durable, and the patterns are also very cute.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”
– Mark Twain


Touching the Parthenon!


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