Where has Time Gone? Oh! And College!


Let me start off by saying sorry for my absence here! I really dislike when a person is blogging consistently and then suddenly disappears off the face of the earth so once I realized I did that, I felt awful. This break from blogging was planned but ended up being a little longer than I thought it was going to be.

Last summer, I spent majority of it working, playing softball, and then writing the first edition of my book. There wasn’t a lot of leftover time for my friends and family but I didn’t want that for this summer. I decided that after graduating high school I would take a break until mid-August so I would have more time to hang out and be involved with my friends, seeing that this would be my last true summer.

I left for college towards the middle/end of August and have been here for exactly 25 days now. Already I have seen God at work in my life and learned both academically and about myself since leaving home.

If you’ve kept up with my journey (read this post first and then other one if you haven’t) then you know that getting to the point of being able to leave home and go to school has not been easy. I refused to give up the idea of going to college right out of high school because of health reasons. Was I thinking of other reasons for not going to college right away? Definitely but I wasn’t going to allow my health to be that reason.

Eating at college hasn’t actually been as hard as I thought it would be in some aspects but harder than I imagined in others.

The cooks on campus have been more than willing to work with me and make sure that I have options at each meal. The head chef emails me each week with my own menu of just the food I can eat so I don’t have to wonder about ingredients.

For the most apart though, I have been eating salads twice a day and purchasing a side of meat to cut up and eat on the salad as well just because I find it easier. The salad bar changes slightly from lunch and dinner and rotates daily so it isn’t repetitive.

I’ve been eating breakfast on my own which normally consists of eggs, fruit, and maybe a starch or vegetable. If I skip breakfast or don’t eat enough to start off the day then I am hungry for the rest of it so I have come to accept that I need to get up earlier to cook and have a sit down meal. Otherwise, Saturdays and Sundays I am basically on my own with the option of going to brunch on Sunday afternoon. I will also cook one or two dinners for myself as well during the week for a change of pace.

The harder part is staying true to my diet. Through this journey I have been become more self-discipline and controlled… when it comes to food at least. With that said, I didn’t think coming to college would change that but it has. Before I stepped up at home but now I am not at home and I have almost no accountability. Not bending my diet and taking my supplements has been a struggle at times but I am finally getting good habits going and not being tempted as much.

All in all, college is going great and I have been blessed with a roommate who loves to cook and prefers to eat healthy! I’ve felt welcomed and not like a weird-person here… even though most of my roommates (I have seven) don’t know what I’ve dealing with, no one questioned my diet or made me feel uncomfortable.

Going forward with Edible Attitudes, I am going to try to post once a month instead of every week. The topics may vary as I have new experiences here but I will do my best to share what I am learning 🙂

Have a good school year!


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