Hello My Name Is: Not My Diet


“Hello! My name is Erica and I am gluten and dairy free.” Wait a minute. What I eat is who I am and therefore my identity? No, no, no. I EAT gluten and dairy free but that is not who I am.

Oh the fun years of being a tween, teen, and young adult. We seem to constantly be searching for our identity and striving to be our own person. What the heck, just for fun lets throw in food restrictions and see if that messes with our heads. You know, just for fun.

Here’s the thing- I am not my diet! My food restrictions do not define who I am. I am an athlete. I am a writer. I am a sister. I am kind, compassionate, and lets be honest- weird. So let’s try this again.

“Hello! My name is Erica and I am not my diet.

Other people don’t walk around saying, “Hello, my name is {Bob, Earl, Sally…} and I am refined sugar and basically anything deep fried”. When it’s put that way, it just doesn’t sound right. So then why is it okay to allow your diet to define you?

It is so easy to get caught up in the lie that your diet main source of your identity when you eat differently than others. The truth is though that you are so much more than your diet.  While what you eat is important and a part of what makes you unique, it is not the source of your identity.

Every bump in the road or setback is magnified if you see yourself as only your diet and health problems. Don’t forget about everything else that makes you unique like your personality and things you to do! Combine all those things together and you will start to find your identity.

“Hi! My name is {Your Name} and I am {Figure it out!}”




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