Food Restrictions and College… So Far


In only three weeks I graduate from high school… THANK GOODNESS!

I am very excited to be going to college next year and studying Intercultural Studies and Spanish. As exciting as it is though, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t still nervous about the transition.

During the fall of my junior year, I was having to come to grips with the idea that going to college right after high school may not be the best decision for my health. I was reacting to everything and still had a lot of daily pain. I also didn’t think that playing softball in college would be an option for me. Making it through two more seasons in high school seemed daunting enough let alone four more years after that.

Now only a few weeks away from completing my required education, I have been able to reverse the joint inflammation and have gotten several foods back into my diet. It has been an incredible turnaround! I even plan on playing softball at school next year!

My diet is still pretty tight though and doesn’t leave a lot of room for being careless in college. Here is what I’ve done so far to be able to go to school and still take care of myself.

Most importantly, I took responsibility for my health. When I leave home, there will not be anyone there to cook for me or make sure I’m following the rules. If I want to avoid going back to the time when I couldn’t walk without pain then I need to care for my body.

When I was considering what school to go to I looked specifically at their dorm options. Although my school has dorms with kitchenettes, I knew they would not be big enough for the cooking I would need to do. From there, I toured the apartment styled options on campus. I chose to live in the one that gave me access to a full kitchen and still be in the heart of the campus.

I was then connected with the Department of Special Services (DOSS). I filled out medical forms and signed several documents for them. The process was longer than I thought it would take and a little nerve racking at times when I felt like we weren’t on the same page but it all worked out. With DOSS’ help, I was guaranteed a room in the building I wanted because of needing to cook meals for myself.

The next step began a few weeks ago. I want to modify the mandatory freshman food plan because I will not be eating 3+ meals from the campus food services. The plan is that I will cook my own breakfast everyday and then decide on a daily basis how many meals I will eat on campus as there will a salad bar and a few other foods offered that I can eat. When I go to register for classes, I will be meeting a woman who works with organizing the food plans. We will be discussing what can be done and possibly meeting with a cook.

I encourage you to not rule out going to college if you have food restrictions right away. It really may not be the best decision for you with your current health but at least check it out if college is something you want to do. I never knew these services existed and they have been a huge help in helping make college possible for me!

Have a good rest of your school year!


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