Don’t Let Your Dreams be Dreams


Dreams are powerful things. They can drive our actions and determine our attitudes. They have to power to crush us and to motivate us.

With softball season starting soon, it would be fair to say it is on my mind a lot. Bear with me through this sports analogy!

As kid with food restrictions, you may be familiar with the feeling of being held back because of your health and diet. It is time to take responsibility for your health and step into the batter’s box. Don’t let your health problems hold you back as your dreams pass by you. Yes, life is going to throw you some curve balls and change-ups and an occasional out of control rise ball will come flying toward your head but it all about how you handle it.

You can either drop the bat and get out of the box because you are too afraid to swing or you can stay in it, being smart enough to get out of the way of the pitches about to hit you, but still swing. Every now and then, you can’t get out of the way of a wild pitch in time and it will hurt and leave a mark but then you get to go to first base. Good things can come from hard times depending on your attitude and if you are looking for the positive instead of the negative.

Your dreams don’t have to be dreams, they can be a reality. They will take work to achieve and require you to get into the batters box though. Take the risks, live life to the fullest, and make your dreams a reality. Don’t waste your life by just going through the motions. The pitcher winds up and the pitch is coming in hot. Are you going to get out of the box or are you going to crush it out of the park?


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