Preparation for School Lunches


What is essential or beneficial to have for school if you or your child has food restrictions? There are three things that I have found to be important for school: thermoses, lunch boxes, and water bottles. There are also three things that are nice extra bonuses to have for lunches: containers, spork (yup, a spork!), and an icepack.

Thermos I love, love, love my thermoses*! In my home, we own six and they are in constant use, not just for school lunches either. They are good for anytime you want to keep your food warm or cold for a longer period of time. I have used mine for traveling, softball tournaments, and eating at friends’ homes. Buying a stainless steel one is crucial because they are more difficult to break and will not release the same harmful chemicals in plastic. This thermos comes with a collapsible spoon on top, which is perfect for traveling. Bonus- they now come in cranberry, raspberry, and midnight blue colors in addition to black.

Lunch BoxI’ve heard the argument that you may as well put your lunch in a plastic or paper bag but let’s be honest- if you are a kid with food restrictions, you are going to be using the lunch box* for a lot more than lunch. Find a one with a color a pattern that you love because it will get lots of use.  Lunch boxes* can be bought almost anywhere. PackIts are cool because the icepack is built into the lining of the lunch box.

Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle Water, quality water, is super important for the human body! With spending many hours a day at school water should be consumed there as well as home so bring a water bottle*. Make sure to be following your school rules though because some do not allow water to be brought into the building. Glass water bottles* are best but not always ideal for school. Decide if stainless steel or plastic is a better decision for your family.

Anchor Glass ContainersGlass containers* are great but only if you can make sure that they likely will not break. Otherwise buy plastic or stainless steel* ones. They are better than Ziploc bags because of being reusable.

SporkI just love these sporks*! Fork, knife, and spoon all in one! It is so convenient!


Ice PacksIf you food is at the temperature you prefer, it is more desirable to eat. Icepacks* will help keep your food cooler.

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