Today I Chose to be Healthy Because…


Ever feel like your health is never going to improve (read more here)? Like all your hard work isn’t going to pay off and you are just stuck this way (read more here)? I do and it is mentally exhausting and stressful.

When each day is a struggle to have a good attitude about my health problems or diet, I say to myself, “Today I choose to be health because…” This is my way of reminding myself of what I am working towards or what my goals are. For me, the answer normally involves something about college or traveling but everyone is different so personalize it for yourself.

Try this next time  your find yourself feeling sorry for yourself. You might be amazed how much this can help! Make a list of all your daily reasons so  when you have a really bad day you can look back at it and be reminded of everything you want.

Your health may be holding you back now but it doesn’t have to in the future. It isn’t your identity and it doesn’t determine your worth as a person so don’t let it hold you back! Keep working and remind yourself why you are choosing to create a healthy lifestyle.

Click HERE to print a larger version of this list.


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