True Friends DON’T Care?


I have learned many lessons from changing my diet. I’ve learned that my attitude shapes my actions. I’ve learned how to be self-motivated and to deal with disappointment. One of the biggest lessons I have learned though is that my true friends don’t care what I eat.

I use to hate eating my “weird” food in front of people. I would eat before I went somewhere or come home hungry because I didn’t want eat. If I had to bring food, I avoided sitting close to people and hid my food so I wouldn’t have to answer questions. One day it just hit me. Why do I care what people think of me because of the way I eat?

I realized that I really shouldn’t care. The people who really care about me as a person and as a friend just want me to be healthy. They don’t care that I bring meatball and squash soup in a thermos for lunch. They don’t care that I ate five bags of frozen peas a week or brought a bowl of cold peas over as a snack. They just want what is best for me.

Does that mean that your friends will understand everything you are going through? Nope. They can support and encourage you though. They may not understand everything, but a true friend will do their best to understand and listen to what you are going through. Of course they are going to mess up and do things like offer you food you can’t eat. Be patient with them. They aren’t perfect, none of us are, but they are trying.

This may be hard to hear, but if your friend isn’t even trying to be supportive or are making fun of you because of the way you eat, you need to either talk with him or her to see what’s up or get a new friend. Having food restrictions doesn’t need to be harder because bad friendships.

This lesson is applicable to many parts of life. The people who are important  don’t care, or care a lot less, about what I eat, wear, look like, or do. They care about me as a person not about the outward stuff.

It can be difficult to overcome this; I still struggle with this at times. Talk with your friends and get them on board by explaining your health problems and food restrictions. Remind yourself daily that the people who are important to you shouldn’t care about what you are eating. And most of all- stand up for yourself.

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