I am Grateful for Leaves


As I scroll down my Facebook newsfeed I see a lot of posts with the date and something they are thankful for that day. I love this idea of intentionally looking for the positive everyday in November and then sharing it!

So what am I grateful for? Today I am grateful for leaves. Yup, leaves.

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half raking. I really don’t like to rake. So why am I grateful for leaves if they make me rake? Let me explain…

I managed  to get out of raking last year but two years ago I had to. I remember raking  two years ago and it was painful. I still had tendonitis in both of my elbows at the time and anything more than five minutes of raking caused my forearms to experience a painful, burning sensation. Gripping the rake tight to scoop the leaves onto the tarp caused my fingers to feel stiff and painful to move. I wanted to start crying after 20 minutes and begged my mom to let me go inside.

My mom told me to rake until it was painful and then I could stop. If I wasn’t so prideful, I would have stopped after seven minutes, but I toughed it out for another 10 minutes and then regretted it the rest of the day because the pain lasted throughout.

I raked for an hour and a half this year, and I had no pain! So, I am grateful for leaves because they reminded me how far I have come in two years. Still not a fan of raking, but my body can handle it now and I am very thankful for that.

My challenge to you and myself is to find something positive everyday, not just in November, and to simply be grateful for another day.

God bless you during this Thanksgiving season!

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This post is part of Mostly Homemade Mondays


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