Three Tips for When Health Overpowers Happiness


The level of stress and quality of health are often connected. For me, when my health worsens, my level of stress increases also and when my stress level increases, my health gets worse. It can be a hard cycle to break. If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, here are three tips…

1. Take a Breath

Inhale… Exhale… When you find your stressing out or worrying about your health, take a deep breath. Panicking doesn’t help the situation and only causes more stress. Try to calm down and focus on breathing and not worrying about the worse case scenario. It will work out. Maybe not the way you want it to, but it will work out and you can handle it.

2. Laugh

Being so uptight and stressed that you can’t enjoy what is right in front of you is no way to go through life. Spend time with people who will make you laugh, enjoy life, and get your mind off of your health issues for a while. Laugh at yourself too! Sometimes it’s best to look at your situation and find the humor in it. It can help take the edge off by being more positive and offering a fresh perspective.

3. Let It Go

There are times when you don’t have control over your body. You can manage your stress, eat right, get enough sleep, and exercise yet still not feel well. Your body is failing you; you are not failing your body. It can become a burden to blame yourself for every symptom or day you don’t feel well. If you can say you have done everything you know to become healthy but still don’t feel well then let it go. It is not your fault. Keep doing what you know and research what else might help.

Looking for a laugh? Check out the Blimey Cow channel on YouTube or listen to their podcast, especially the episode “The One about Food”!

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