New Prices

The cost for A Teenager’s Perspective on Food Restrictions: A Practical Guide to Keep from Going Crazy has been marked down! A paperback copy now costs $5.99 and is 50 pages, including seven pages for the reader to write his or her own dreams, goals, actions steps, and general reflections. If you are interested in purchasing it as an eBook, it is now being offered for $1.99. The eBook version does not include the extra pages.

A Teenager’s Perspective is a short book on purpose. Although the target audience is teenagers, the book would be beneficial for pre-teens, young adults and even adults look for a fresh perspective on elimination diets and food restrictions. The information is fairly basic with a focus on practical advice for everyday living and overcoming the mental side of food restrictions. The overall theme of A Teenager’s Perspective is that eliminations diets and food restrictions are difficult but definitely manageable if you have the right mind set. It is available on Amazon and part of Amazon Prime.


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